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Bow Wow Responds to Soulja Boy Claiming He Won VERZUZ Rap Battle

2 min read

Soulja Boy has taken any chance he has gotten to shut down anyone who says that Bow Wow came out victorious in their VERZUZ rap battle.

Soulja Boy recently appeared on the Million Dollarz Worth of Game podcats with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo to discuss who won. Soulja took the opportunity to refute fans’ tweets and even a Billboard article crowned Bow Wow as champion. The artist even went as far as saying that Bow Wow paid Billboard to write up the article.

Soulja shared, “That’s cap. I ain’t never seen one person that said Bow Wow won. I didn’t see it. I was looking at the whole Twitter. All I saw was my name. I saw blogs say that he won but you know, they got labels that’ll pay them. They will pay Billboard to put an article out.” He adds, “What the streets said? What the internet said? What the—stop playin’. I ain’t finna sit here and explain myself, That man paid Billboard to post that sh*t. Bow Wow, Pee Wee, sit your ass down. You know you lost, n***a.”

Bow Wow responds by reposting the clip of Soulja’s interview on his Instagram with a caption, “Verzuz been over. I don’t know what they putting in that lemonade of yours but it got you a tad bit delusional. Bro its ok to lose to your big bro. That’s whats suppose to happen. We can run it back if you want.” Soulja leaves a series of crying laughing emojis in the comments but does not seem to want to take Bow Wow up on a rematch.

Take a look at the interaction on Instagram below.

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