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Junk Silver Bargain

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collectible junk silver

Coins minted in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s are commonly referred to as “junk silver,” but there’s nothing junky about them. They have that designation because they’ve mostly been circulated, they have historically very little or no value to collectors, but they do have high silver content.

Pre-1965 U.S. coins meltdown values surge with each successive push of higher silver prices. A Franklin half dollar currently has a melt value of around $6. and the solver Washington quarter is up to $3.

These 90% silver coins will always have an intrinsic silver value, but they are also commanding higher premiums in MInt-State grades. It is easy to understand why American’s are not only looking through their old piggy banks full of change to make some money, but they are increasingly buying and selling bulk bags and rolls of pre-1965 US silver coins as alternative investments.

Numismatists might not collect circulated junk silver. We love them. We think they are the single most practical way to own precious metals today. We are buying “junk” silver before the price of silver jumps again. Here’s why you need to own silver coins and our specific BUY recommendation:

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