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Nicki Minaj Helped Host “The Real Housewives Of Potomac” Reunion And Bravo Is Getting Called Out For It

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Last month, Nicki Minaj let everyone know that she would not be at the Met Gala because she’s not vaccinated and is not planning to get vaccinated until she does more research. Well, either Nicki did her research and got the shot or Bravo let her unvaccinated ass onto the set of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion. Because after saying she’d like to host the RHoP reunion, Andy Cohen decided to get some free publicity for the show and brought on a fellow messy queen to talk with other messy queens. But if Nicki is still not vaccinated, I’m wondering if she infected Karen Huger? Because La Grande Dame cannot fall!

In her tweets about the vaccine, Nicki did say she’d probably get vaccinated eventually for work purposes. But she also claimed that her cousin’s friend in Trinidad got a case of impotency and swollen balls after getting the vaccine. The government of Trinidad shook their heads at Nicki because they actually spent time investigating the swollen balls claims and found no evidence. Dr. Fauci piped in, saying that there’s no evidence that the vaccine causes fertility issues. Nicki also claimed she was invited to the White House to talk about vaccines and that Twitter put her in Twitter jail for her tweets. But both the White House and Twitter denied Nicki’s accusations.

That brings us to last night when Nicki showed up to the taping of the RHOP reunion. Andy shared a pic from the reunion to prove it really happened. I wonder if she brought her Queen Radio gunshot sound machine? Here’s hoping!

And of course, as soon as the people realized that Nicki had shown up, they wondered what the COVID protocols were since Nicki thinks the vaccine is about as important as supporting victims of sexual assault.

Andy’s Insta comments also have people saying things like:

“Just no.”

“Spread misinformation?”

“They allowed her on set? Uh, is she vaxxed?”

“We don’t want her.”

“She got the vaccine?”

We’ll see how pointed these questions can get. If Nicki tries to come for Ashley Darby‘s husband by asking: “Why is Michael Darby always grabbing men’s asses?” Ashley could just respond with, “Why are you standing by your sex offender husband?And good thing Monique Samuels didn’t return to the show after physically fighting with Candiace Dillard last year. If she was still there, things with Nicki could have ended with another shoe-throwing incident.

Pic: Instagram

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