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Pastor Jamal Bryant Blasts ‘GoFundMe Funeral Needing’ Kevin Samuels On Behalf Of Black Women, Gets Ecclesiastes Ethered

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Pastor Jamal Bryant apparently had the best of intentions when he biblically blasted a late YouTuber who made it a habit to spew misogynoir, but he’s receiving a holy heaping of backlash.

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The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church leader apparently gave a spirited Mother’s Day sermon that included a mention of Kevin Samuels, who passed away on May 5 after being found unresponsive on the floor of his apartment.

Kevin Samuels

Source: Kevin Samuels Social Media / Kevin Samuels Facebook Page

Footage from Pastor Bryant’s sermon has gone viral because the clergy is clearly sending shade to Samuels who Bryant says needs a “GoFundMe” for his funeral. Bryant harped on the YouTuber’s claims that unwed Black women over 35 are “leftovers.”


“Many of you are quoting that a woman ought to submit, she ain’t supposed to submit to any man,” said Bryant during the Mother’s Day sermon. “She’s supposed to submit to a man who is submitted under God. If he ain’t submitting, don’t you buck your knee! You better stand right there until you find a man.”

“You are listening to men who have no authority,” continued Bryant. “How can a man say that you are of low value after 35? How can a man say that you do not have the level of traction of a high-powered man when that man has to get a GoFundMe for his funeral?”

He then urged the women in the congregation to say that they don’t “hate men”, they just despise “weak, cowardice, insecure” men.


Bryant is referencing an unverified GoFundMe requesting $50K for Samuels’ funeral costs that was posted and deleted last week.

Bryant’s comments start at the 1:06:55 mark.

Jamal Bryant Blasted Over Kevin Samuels Comments

Pastor Bryant is being blasted as a holy hypocrite by detractors, in particular by some people who are recalling his past.

Back in 2016, Bryant fathered a child with a church parishioner who gave birth to his son. 

His ex-wife Real Housewife of Potomac Gizelle Bryant also previously confirmed that it was his infidelity that made her leave him the first time.

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They reconciled but broke up again last year sometime after a binder reveal at the #RHOP Reunion.  Remember that drama?


“I felt like it was a lifestyle, as opposed to you made a mistake one night,” said Gizelle about Bryant. “So I just didn’t want to sign up for that.”

In 2020 the Megachurch leader shut down allegations that he fathered another child, this time with a member of his ATL congregation. The church shepherd called the allegations completely outrageous and warned that his lawyers were on the case.

“Reckless and irresponsible bloggers who went on with no facts, no evidence, and might I add, no truth to make a baseless accusations that I had fathered a baby in April, May, February, January — here in Atlanta and was hiding this baby from some mother in Atlanta or in my church,” said Bryant. “That number one is 1,000% untrue…1,000% faulty.

Omarion Responds To Pastor Jamal Bryant’s Kevin Samuels Shade

Some Pastor Jamal Bryant shade is coming from a surprising place; Omarion.

The “Icebox” singer blasted Bryant in TheShadeRoom’s comments and wondered why the man of God was adding “insult to injury.”

“It’s sad when people can’t respect “the family” after loosing [sic] a love one,” wrote Maybach O. “He’s no longer here. Why add insult to injury? […] This is disgusting & wack asf. […] This is why I don’t attend these “fake” places of worship. Respectfully.”

Well damn!

“We have to have compassion y’all, this life isn’t easy,” he added in another comment.


What do YOU think about Pastor Jamal Bryant shading Kevin Samuels? Fair or foul???

So far Bryant has yet to directly respond, but he posted a message about “delivering us from men who can’t handle anointed women…”

and another about being ready to go off but “remembering that you love Jesus.”