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We Are SilverStackers

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The US Federal Reserve keeps printing money. The dollar gets weaker. Prices for everything are...

The US Federal Reserve keeps printing money. The dollar gets weaker. Prices for everything are going up. Interest rates will drop and rise dramatically. Inflation has arrived in the United States.

Americans have no concept of a “Greater Depression.” Most Americans never have experienced a serious economic downturn or a bond default; the good citizens of the United States are unaware and will be taken offguard by the economic events of the near future– A SHIFT OF POWER AND WEALTH.

Americans really shouldn’t be caught unaware andf off-guard because governments historically never pay off their debts! They always default in one form or another.

Prepare for a return to a gold and silver standard by purchasing physical precious metals right now.

Silverstackers are coin collectors, but go above and beyond standard collecting. Some stack because solver is a store of wealth while others use it as a system to stockpile all their Silver. Some stackers like the notoriety of collecting Silver in large quantities. Others stack Silver as a hedge against an economic downturn.

Investment in silver is a no lose situation. The price of an ounce of AG is already at the price it takes to pull it out of the ground. How can the price of a product go lower than the cost of making it? It can’t. But if it did (it won’t),  we know one thing for sure…it can never be worth zero like a stock or bond could go to zero value.

The most often accurate precious metal research firms are forecasting silver prices in the $40s per troy ounce with gold prices passing new nominal price highs by 2022 to 2024.

If silver does go way up in price,  if all hell breaks loose, then the price of silver will skyrocket and those of us who are silverstackers will be doing better than we ever imagined.

My approach to stacking is probably similar to yours. SIlver is where I invest my disposable income, money for which I will have no need to spend for the next five years or longer. It’s a long term savings plan, an inflation hedge, and perhaps the best financial insurance you or I can buy at any price. That it is relatively cheap right now is a great bonus.

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