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Copper Nickel Stacking

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At some point in the near future, the nickel will be worth more than a nickel. 
Jefferson Nickel

Nickel has been caught up in the broader base metals negativity caused by slowing global manufacturing activity and U.S.-China trade tensions.

$0.0399843 is the melt value for the 1946-2014 US nickel coin on July 30, 2019.According to Coinflation.

The copper and nickel material in the US five cent coin is worth about four cents today, and when you factor in the production cost for the mint to produce these coins, you can read the writing on the wall. At some point in the near future, the nickel will be worth more than a nickel.

US Mint boxes of nickels are available at your bank for face value, no premium. They cost $100 (50 rolls)

United States NICKELS:
— ONE weighs exactly 5 grams; 25% nickel, 75% copper
— ONE ROLL weighs about 7 oz, or 200 grams
— TEN ROLLS weigh exactly 4.375 lbs (4 & 3/8 lbs), MEASURED (actually weighed)
— ONE BOX (50 rolls, 2000 coins) weighs about 22 lbs
— ONE BOX contains 2500 grams nickel, or about 5.5 lbs
— ONE BOX contains 7500 grams copper, or about 16.5 lbs
— ONE CUBE (9 boxes) weighs about 200 lbs, measures about 12″x12″x10″

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